We’re about to lose a lot of voices…

The following is a monologue about things I’d like to see regarding all voice banks in general. It’s been stated by others many times, I know. But maybe you’ll find my thoughts interesting. :blush:

With the release of Windows 11 and continuous updates to the software, V2 voice banks are hanging on by a thread. The V5 editor is the last editor (to my knowledge) that will officially support V3 voices. That means we are about to lose a lot of voices.

Some Male voices we are about to lose:
Big Al
Zola Project (3)
Kaito (but he’s included in Hatsune Miku: ColorfulStage so, maybe he and Meiko will be updated :grin:)

We’ll lose a lot of female voices too, but this post is about the males.

That’s a lot and we know for a fact Yohioloid is now never going to get an update even if Sweet An, Big Al & Oliver do. Not to mention how many male voices we’ve lost from forever ago (Macne Papa, Piko…etc). So it would be nice to bridge the gap between how many wonderful female voices we keep getting and how many amazing male voices we have. It feels like all of the vocaloid companies keep making more and more female voices. But it would be nice to have that same variety of male voices (young & old). They don’t all have to sound like Kevin, Ryo, An, Longya or Muxin. Mix it up with some that sound like the new style and some that sound like the old style (some realistic & some robotic, some super clear & some muffled sounding).

For example, I love the natural warmth in Kevin’s and Oliver’s voices. But they do not sound the same. Both have a different emotion and I like the “cloudiness” that Oliver possesses. I wouldn’t try to reproduce this sound with Kevin. But I love that Kevin sounds so clear. I neither want nor expect that clarity from Oliver. I don’t want all the voices to sound the same.

I find that older vocaloids like Miriam, Maika, Avanna, Oliver, Diana, Ruby, Zola Project, Gumi & Sonika had/have this particular emotional quality that adds a layer to their singing. It came naturally to each voice bank and became whatever emotion you needed without much effort. It might be due to how they recorded voices 10 odd years ago.

I only here this quality in the voices of Cangqiong, Shian, Haiyi, Renri, Anri, IA, Kevin, Muxin, An Xiao, Mo Chen, Kaai Yuki & Eleanore. It’s something between warm, melancholic joy, whimsical, breathy but still clear.

An example for me would be the difference between Meiko’s, Avanna’s and Eleanore’s singing of Witness by EmpathP. For me, the version with Avanna sounds the most real and has the most clarity and emotion. It was more than just the drums. The clarity of the notes were full of regret, heartfelt love and sadness. I also prefer how Avanna sounds singing the vocalizations during the end of the song. I liked Meiko’s and Eleanore’s versions but they just didn’t grab at my heart and make me feel pian the same way and they’re vocalizations didn’t sound as natural or colorful (to me).

That being said, I feel far more connected to Eleanore in Chia-p’s The Truth than I do to Miku in any version of Tell your World. I love Tell Your World, but The Truth has a different ring to it. I feel like I’m getting to know Eleanore. I especially love the clarity of her voice and the way she says “hypothetical” is very satisfying. I do not expect Avanna or any other Vocaloid to sing The Truth the same way.

Likewise, Meiko’s softness and true mature/realistic singing skill really shines (to me) in HATANAKAYOUKOU’s song Shin Ai Aquarium. I don’t really want to hear how any other vocaloid (okay, aside from Renri, Muxin & Yuki) sing this song.

I want to see more varieties of sounds for male voices. We’re still waiting on a Celtic Male and vocaloid Rev. I’d like to see some support for Korean and Spanish male voices too! Just more male voices will do! And more company transfers for old voice banks (like how Flower is now a Cevio voice bank) instead of total cancellations, especially if the voices are still selling. (How I wish Sony would just sell Piko’s concept/character to someone else!)

I don’t really care about competition between companies because I’ll make all of the voicesI get sing together no matter who made them, how they sound or what language they speak originally.

Another thing that bothers me is the “The voice provider doesn’t sound the same anymore” excuse. For Kaai Yuki, I understand but even that they worked with. But I won’t take this answer for other voices banks.

A simple fix: Give us a sample of the OG provider’s current voice and samples of people who sound similar enough to the original voicebank and then take a poll. If the OG voice provider is still preferred, go with them for the update. If not, go with the most popular fan pick. If it’s too close or a solid tie between the samples, make voice banks out of both or all of them; either as appends or as separate characters all together. Miriam was the second vocaloid I heard sing but the first one I liked so I would love to have her back (especially with Miriam Stockley’s current voice. A song with her, Eleanore, Anri, Canqiong and Avanna is a song I want to make/hear). If a different company bought the rights to make a new voice with her, I’d be thrilled! It’s all wishful thinking but it’s not impossible!

That concludes my vocaloid monologue for today. Thank you for reading it all the way through! What are you all’s thoughts on this?

Is there any actual evidence that “we” are about to lose anything, or is this just clickbait?

Both Vocaloid 5 and Piapro Studio are supported with Windows 11, and both are compatible with V3 voices.

Piapro is even compatible with V2 voices and is still easy to get, unlike the Vocaloid 4 editor.

If you want to run old software there’s no reason you can’t do so within a virtual machine running a compatible operating system, but even so we’re multiple years away from that being necessary.

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No no, I’m not trying to write clickbait. I apologize for my post coming off that way. Yes, Piapro Studio supports V2 & V3. It’s a great program I enjoy using. But most V2 & V3 Voices were made in the early 200’s and 2010’s.

I’m talking about the progress of the tech as updates come along. It only takes a few tweaks and then something becomes out of date. Piapro supports old voices but what’s the point if your overall software (Windows/Mac…etc) doesn’t? As tech gets older companies in general have less reason to support it.

Again, I’m sorry. I just felt like talking about it and didn’t mean to offend anyone.

I think the only ones we’ll actually lose are the V2 guys, and even then that’s only a possibility (for example, if they stop getting activation codes or the V4 editor suddenly crashes and burns). i really don’t think the V3 voicebanks are gonna get broken by any updates-

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Thank you Shroomy-p. I apologize again for speaking in generalizations. Please ignore this topic everyone. I have requested that it be deleted. I tried to do it myself and got a notification that I had no authority to do so.:woman_shrugging: