Scriptng Docs: Automation Object Constructor is Missing the TypeName Parameter

Per the documentation, the constructor for objects is:

SV:create(type:string) → {object}

However, this is not enough for an Automation object, as there are multiple types:

  • “pitchDelta”
  • “vibratoEnv”
  • “loudness”
  • “tension”
  • “breathiness”
  • “voicing”
  • “gender”

The actual call for creating an Automation needs to include the typeName, as in:

SV:create(type:string, typeName:string) → {object}

For example, to create an Automation object of type Loudness, the call would be:

local loudnessAutomation = SV:create("Automation", "loudness")

The scripting documentation should be updated to reflect this.


Thank you for noting this.

We’ve updated it in our community-maintained Simplified Chinese version of Docs.


Thanks for maintaining a proper community manual! I really have to complain about the docs situation on SynthV Studio. There just don’t seem to have any maintenance going.