What do you guys think about Voicebank trading?

So I was thinking. Would it be possible to trade SynthV voicebanks? I checked the ToS, and I don’t see anything stopping it. What would you guys think about it?

For example, if Cangqiong is suddenly discontinued tomorrow and the only way to get her is through a code, would it be bad to buy a Koharu RIkka and trade her to someone with a Cangqiong? Or if you really wanted Stardust, but you didn’t want to go through the horrors of Taobao, and ParcelUp sounds just as horrible, would it be bad to buy a Kyomachi Seika and trade her to someone with Stardust?

This may be a bit of a controversial topic, but I’m curious to know!

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Even if we were to ignore the obvious risk of being scammed, the product license explicitly states that it is non-transferable (and therefore not something to be discussed on the official forums). Additionally if you aren’t the original buyer of the product you could struggle to get customer support in the future.


oh yikes, i didn’t know that!