AH-Software Livestream (181) - June 30, 2022: New physical boxes + "High Dynamics Voice Mode"

This is a summary thread regarding the AH-Software 181st livestream hosted on June 30, 2022! Normally, I’d rather go after any dedicated threads regarding each synth character but I’m not sure if there’s any and tbh there’s a lot to talk about, which @/VocaSphereNews kindly covered on Twitter, so I’ll be linking them here.

If you’re interested in watching the stream yourself, the video is here:

Firstly, Kanru Hua and Ogata-san have new roles with AH-Software and Dreamtonics specifically. Kanru Hua will be a new company rep and CTO for AH-Software and Ogata-san will be a new Dreamtonics board member specifically. A big congratulations to the both of them!

AH-Software is also getting a new logo as seen here:

A new Synthesizer V feature will be coming soon. This is called “High Dynamics Voice Model”.

There was also talk about an improved automatic pitch changing to sound more human. A new video will come tomorrow for that.

And surprise, surprise! We’re getting new physical boxes! Just like Koharu Rikka from TOKYO6 ENTERTAINMENT, we will be seeing standalone AI boxes for the two Makis, Tsuina-chan, and Seika! And first the very first time, Saki AI, Ryo, and Kevin are getting their very own physical boxes too, with a whole new design for Saki! These will be coming on July 21st, with pre-orders beginning tomorrow!

Regarding VOICEPEAK:

Tsurumaki Maki will be getting her very first official album known as “JAMping High”, releasing with 14 tracks on July 21st. Pre-orders also starting tomorrow.

Kyomachi Seika plushies and badges, with pre-orders starting on July 22, ending on August 8

Releasing tomorrow are the limited Frimomen t-shirts

And an interesting AHS assignment at NordWestZentrum

If there’s anything missed, please feel free to add!


Speaking of “High Dynamics Voice Model”, there IS a demo for it on bilibili. The text is only in Chinese though, so hopefully, translated versions come soon.

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It’s crazy !!!
Who sings “Do Mi Sol”? Eleanor?
Kevin is even more incredible…yes, again? it’s crazy !!!

I want to know more, dates, news, a glottal effect, perhaps? Mr. Kanru the boss?.. aaaaaahhhhhh!!!

I’m going to drink a tea to calm down !!!

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We don’t know who sang the “Do Mi Sol” and the “Do you like my voice” portions. It seems there was no name label for those specific parts, unlike the portions with Kevin, Ryo, and Feng Yi.

Maybe it’s a new vocal? The only new Dreamtonics vocal we know of right now is Weina, but… hmm…

oh wow, saki got new colors?

Official English and Japanese versions of the High Dynamics Voice Models video




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