Vowel -> Consonant Problem

So I’m making a song with Kevin’s japanese cross-lingual that uses a lot of wavy and glide-y tuning with dash notes, but I’ve noticed a problem. With some consonants (most notably t and k), it cuts off the previous vowel and messes up the tuning i’m trying to go for.

i could solve this with the phoneme duration, but then it cuts off the consonant and sounds weird still. Can someone help with this?

SCREENSHOT: (problems circled in red)

This is not a problem, but normal behavior. Synthesizer V does not limit consonants length when using glides, so they will extend to their normal duration, which may go across notes boundaries. You could extend the note glide until it includes part of the vowel, or you could reduce the length of the consonants.
Isolating the consonant on a separate note (without a glide) also may help in some cases.

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