How to Disable Auto-Recovery Popup

Quite often I get a notification prompt about auto-recovery. Sometimes multiple prompts show up and get lost between other windows. I never had a crash, so I don’t know why its prompts. Would be nice to disable it.

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I think disabling the “automatically check for updates” option (I don’t remember the exact name) could fix that.

I also experience this, I think it occurs if I run two instances of Synthesizer V, for example the VST + standalone at the same time.

The two-instances idea might be onto something. I believe SynthV checks the Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\recovery folder, and opening a second instance probably detects the session for the already-open instance.

If this is happening with only one instance open, it’s possible there’s an old session recovery file in that folder that isn’t being properly cleaned up.