Feature suggestion

These are just a few things that I noticed as a new user.

  1. Ability to stop the editing window from following the play head. This way we can be zoomed in, in the editing window, and not have it constantly switching as it follows the play head.

  2. Ability to mute individual notes. This is very helpful when trying to get the timing perfect.

  3. Ability to change the length of midi notes that are inserted when using the “arrow double click” method. I would personally rather insert 1/8 notes, someone else might rather insert 1/4 notes. It would be nice if there was a dropdown for this so that we could change this as needed. But this would be a huge workflow improvement, in my opinion, because it would save me from adjusting the note length as much. As it is now I’m adjusting the length on the majority of notes after they are inserted.

  4. Drag-Copy. This would be so huge IMO. As in most DAW you can do something like hold down control and drag the midi note(s) and it will make a copy to wherever your drag is released.

  5. Written Manual - The video tuts are cool, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a guy who doesn’t have time to do a bunch of experimenting just to see how all the minute pieces are supposed to function. I need something I can quickly reference to see how things are supposed to work. I honestly don’t care if it’s an online thing like a wiki that is edited by the community, but something would be good.

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