WilliamPeterLee - Life featuring Solaria as backup vocal

Good day Everyone,

I hope you are well. I had worked on the following song for about a year without any vocal synth. My song was lacking an extra voice. I can only do so much with my voice and was searching online to see if there was something out there. I had only encountered samples of limited sounds and then encountered vocaloid which still sounded unnatural. I finally encountered Dreamtonics and from there, Eclipsed Sounds for the voice of Solaria. This song is about Life. I have only included one verse as the release of the song is not out until September 5, 2022. Dreamtonics and Eclipsed Sounds have really done a phenomenal job with the interface and sounds. This is the first time I am using any vocal synth. I do think it does sound natural enough to be a human voice. Please feel free to comment about the use of Solaria for this song. Thank you!

Hi, William Peter Lee.

The vocal line is a bit busy - something I’ve been guilty of doing with my own harmonies - but sounds natural to me.

Nice work!

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Thanks for letting me know of your thoughts. I also had my own voice in the background singing the chorus while Solaria handled the counter-melody. Before I used Solaria, I had used my voice instead, but had difficulties reaching those high notes.