Tetris on SynthV (Lua script)

It all began from the point I saw this tweet: https://twitter.com/khuasw/status/1283717491747774464

I implemented a somewhat playable Tetris game in SynthV. Also my first time writing a Tetris-like game ever so expect bugs and crashes. The whole point is having fun. :laughing:

The code is here: GitHub - RigoLigoRLC/synthesizer-v-tetris: Lua scripts for playing Tetris in Synthesizer V Studio Pro.
Click “Code - Download ZIP” and extract the scripts to a sub-folder in the script folder (because it’s easier to clean up and organize this way)

Then, go to Settings panel. Go to the bottom and assign hotkeys for W, A, S and D scripts. Remember to clean them up when you’re done with them.

In the Scripts menu you’ll find a Tetris group. Run the “Main” script to start a game. The view will be scrolled and zoomed to an appropriate position.

When you want to terminate the game, Use “Scripts - Abort All Running Scripts”.

I didn’t add Tetris music to the script, but it’s surely doable. Have fun!