Developing K-pop style voice would be a turning point of SynthV's business in my opinion.

I’m not meaning a Korean languaged voice pack, but meaning literally “K-pop” style voice pack.

Until now, almost all of the vocaloid-like-stuffs are strongly affected by Japanese technicians, so the singing style of them were…

  • high tone focused.
  • using Japanese style vibrato.

BTW, I’ve realized the huge possibility of SynthV by Solaria, because…

  • mid tone focused.
  • it has global pop styled vibrato, but actually the way is still a little bit old school.

In here, my main opinion is…

  • SynthV can be a great tool for pop music composers, because it may save cost or make impossible to be possible about “guide vocal”.
  • Normal pro pop music composers compose nearly 1 new song for a day, but they don’t really finish all the composing, because they drop so-so-songs in the middle of the work.
  • The reason is… what if the composer wants to sell the song, there should be “vocal guide” track to make the artists feel the music, but the cost for recording it is not meaningful for so-so-songs.
  • In my opinion, Solaris is the first synth voice which may replace human guide vocal singers.

BTW, SynthV still doesn’t have any voice which can guide K-pop style vocals.

  • Mid-low tone focused.
  • Less vibratos at the end of notes, but more aggressive vibrato at the start of notes.

Here are some very latest K-pop hit song examples, and they are easy to catch the vocal’s difference of singing compared to any other vocaloid-stuffs.

I hope SynthV may feel interest about the composer’s industry, and if you dive into develop it, I strongly believe that SynthV’s biz will have another turning point of its marketing.

Thank you for reading my long and personal opinions. : )


Solaria’s voice provider is a professional singer/songwriter and broadway performer. Since the AI method attempts to mimic not just the voice provider’s tone, but also their singing style, this would explain your observations regarding her voice and why Emma Rowley’s experience allows Solaria to stand apart from many of the other available voices.

It’s also for this reason that I wonder if it’s possible to create a K-pop-style voice without the voice provider being a professional K-pop vocalist/performer. AI voices rely quite heavily on the voice provider’s personal style and experience, so it might be difficult to find a person capable of reproducing the K-pop style without them actually being part of the K-pop industry.

All that said, I do hope to see SynthV branch out into Korean, especially if they manage to incorporate it into cross-lingual synthesis (even if that might not happen right away). More styles would definitely be a good thing and adding the already-popular K-pop style to SynthV’s repertoir would offer a lot of potential.