The word "I" in english... improving pronounciation with Solaria

Anyone got any tips on making the word “I” sound like the word I?

Just sounds a little too “ay” to my ears, but I can’t figure out how to fix it. Trying it on something very exposed (voice/piano version of Amazing Grace), and it really sticks out.

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ay is the default phoneme mapping for “I”, so that is the expected result. I suppose it depends on which accent you’re aiming for, but perhaps try ax instead?

You can use the “English Phoneme Reference” script bundled with Solaria or check the phoneme list at C:\Program Files\Synthesizer V Studio Pro\clf-data\english-arpabet-phones.txt for alternatives.

If you want to change all instances of “I” in the track without needing to manually adjust each note one-by-one, you can change the mapping in the Dictionary panel:

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The exact phoneme doesn’t exist in synthv, ax is a schwa while the word “I” pronounced naturally in singing would be [äː] or [aː] like a southern accented /aɪ/ dipthong. Neither of those phonemes are included in arpabet, only as part of the ay phoneme which is [aɪ̯] in ipa.


In the case I was having problems with, I found that adding a separate phoneme “y” made it sound okay.

Have you tried “.aa y”, this sounds more like an english “i”