uhhhhh help my Synth V studio basic is acting funny please help me

This all happened when I was downloading Tsuina Chan and Kyomachi Seika. I had all the free vocals (Chinese included), and I got a bit impatient. so I Downloaded Tsuina Chan a few times. when she finally installed, I recall my synth V being slower. rather than doing anything about it, I downloaded Kyomachi Seika. and then I tried it out. It lagged so hard that I closed the program, and when I opened it back, I got this auto-recovery message that I can’t quite get rid of…until sometime in early August, when I can actually get rid of it. and it seemed to work fine for some time until I tried deleting some files in the recovery folder. and then it went a bit slow. and the problem with the auto recovery messages came back.
what can I do to get it working again? do I need to make some space for the program to function, or Is my Synth V gone with the wind at this point?
thanks for hearing me out.

The simplest thing would be to just uninstall and reinstall the software.

Make sure to deactivate any products that require an activation code first.

tried to do that, I installed 1.6.1 in its place, and I can somehow click cancel on the auto recovery popup, but now the program itself kinda froze after some playing around.
Now I can’t really do anything with the program itself (Auto recovery thankfully excluded), as anytime I hover my mouse on the program, it would change into the loading wheel.
with that said, Is there something wrong I’m doing there?

Does it freeze even with no project loaded?

If possible try disabling “Instant Mode” with the button in the top right of the Piano Roll:

Then, after selecting a vocalist but before adding any notes in the Piano Roll, change “Render Mode” to “Prefer Speed”:

So today is my first time working with this app and i wanted to let you know that when im trying to downlaod the basic one it gives me three choices on which one i wanna get but i dont know which one to get the choices are: Synthesizer V studio basic, Synthesizer V studio Beta Version, and Voice Databases im not sure which one to do but when i did download one which was the Synthesizer V studio basic it gave me loads of files but whenever i opened one it just gave me more and no file for me to download the app, please help claire you are an expert!

Start here: index - powered by h5ai v0.29.2 (https://larsjung.de/h5ai/)

You need two things to get started:

  1. Synthesizer V Studio Basic (the editor and synthesis engine)
  2. A voice database (the actual voice)

From the above link, select “Synthesizer V Studio Basic”

Select the latest version. Right now this is the “1.8.1-latest” folder but in the future this will change.

Download the correct file for your operating system.

  • Mac - svstudio-basic-setup.pkg
  • Windows - svstudio-basic-setup.exe
  • Linux - svstudio-basic-setup.zip

Now download a voice database. I would recommend SOLARIA Lite as your first one, which can be downloaded here: SOLARIA Lite - Google ドライブ

Once you have the two files downloaded, follow the setup steps here: