Problem with my Activation code

It was a disaster,:sweat_smile: my windows device has met an unfixable crash recently, and I even didn’t have a chance to anti-activate my products the outcome was horrible, but now my editor said my activation code has “been used on another device”. However, that device was my own computer before the crash. Now, my Saki AI pack, and Eleanor Forte AI, were all shutting down from work. I bought them in Anicute online shop, but so far they just kept silent and didn’t respond to any of my E-mails. Is there a way that I can restart my activation code? Also, the activation codes were supposed to have three chances of activation (mentioned in their E-mail of the digital download link), why I only used once and they all cannot be used twice? :no_mouth:

Since Anicute hasn’t responded the last thing to try would be to email [email protected] and make sure to mention this part. I can’t guarantee they can help but maybe you can at least get a reply.

Thanks for your advice, I will try :slightly_smiling_face: