Synthv studio pro version crashes (but basic does not)

Hello. I have a computer which is pretty good. i5 with 16gb ram and GTX1060.
The Synthv basic version works like normal when i use it. I bought the package with synthv studio pro + kevin ai but the studio pro version keeps crashing all the time. I can’t figure out the problem.

It seems like the problem is with the studio pro version. I there some functionality i can turn off so it works like the basic version?

Hi Tobias, a shot in the dark. Have you tried running it as Admin?

Plus the usual - uninstall/reinstall/reboot.

What about creating a project in Basic (not with Kevin). Save it, then try to open it in Pro.

In Task Manager, make sure all processes associated with Synth V are killed, then try running it again.

Good luck!

Thanks for the input. Now i think i know the problem. It has to do with the project being auto saved (rendered?) with every small change i make to the tunes. It saves the tracks so if the program crashes i can restart the project. But the problem is that this makes the program itself crash.
Can i turn off this auto-saving feature?

I can see that the tracks works from 0-100% for small changes i make and many times when it does that the program crashes.
I am running the program on all my cores so it works a bit better but the process takes so much power. Is there a way to turn it off?

Try disabling “Instant Mode” with the button in the top right of the Piano Roll. This is running auto-pitch tuning on every note as you work.

Ensure the Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\recovery folder doesn’t contain any corrupted files and is not having file system permissions issues.

You can also try to change “Render Mode” to “Prefer Speed”. This will sacrifice some quality for the audio preview but should help reduce time spent rendering.

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Thanks Claire. I solved it by changing the rendering to maximum settings. I think your advice is also helpful. Thank you!

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