how to download voicebanks on mac?

i downloaded the demo version of synth v just like 30 mins ago and im tryin to download eleanor forte but its not working. Someone said to drag and drop the file into synth v and i tried that but it isnt working. Is there any other way to download it? :((

Edit: sorry if didnt explain my problem properly! just give me any advice u can tbh i’ll take it lol

As long as SynthV Studio is installed you can simply run the voice installer (the .svpk file).

You can find download links and more detailed instructions here:

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thats the thing though whenever i try dragging the .svpk file into SynthV nothing happens. Is there any other method i can use?

Are you sure you installed Synthesizer V Studio and not the old discontinued product called “Synthesizer V Editor”?

It should look like this:

OH MY GOD THANKS FOR POINTING THAT OUT :sob: :sob: I FEEL SO STUPID LMAO. tysm i just downloaded the proper version lol