Does cross language synthesis work with a basic version of the Synth V Studio or pro only?

I’m planning on buying Saki or maybe Solaria but don’t have enough money to buy both at the same time but I heard that all AI version of the voice database can sing cross language so I’m gonna pick only one singer but I’m not sure if the basic version of the studio support cross language.

Cross-lingual synthesis is exclusive to the Pro edition. You can see the full list* of differences on the Dreamtonics Store: Synthesizer V Studio Pro - Dreamtonics Store

  • edit: at one point this was the full list, but it may not be up to date. for example, i believe vocal modes are also Pro-only.

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Ok I changed my mind now, I’m gonna buy a $151.20 bundle instead. Might need a long time to save more money but I think it’ll worth it.