Moving SynthesizerV to a New Windows Computer


Is there a detailed guide explaining how to move SynthesizerV Pro and voices (Solaria in my case) to a new Windows PC?

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Hi… Sorry for the bother… I found the instructions on the original installation/purchase email.

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It’s very similar to Vocaloid in the sense that you have three code activations for each product, and deactivating the product will “refund” a use of the code so it can be transferred to a new machine without any loss.

So the only important thing is to deactivate the products beforehand. Once all voice products read as “Not activated” (or if you choose “Deactivate and Uninstall”, they’ll be gone entirely of course), then you can safely deactivate and uninstall SynthV Studio itself.

I do not know if deactivating and uninstalling SynthV Studio would also deactivate the installed voices, so to be safe it’s probably best to do them one-by-one.

Once you’ve deactivated everything you can simply install the software on your new machine and activate the products using the appropriate activation codes.

You may also want to transfer your dictionaries and settings from the old machine, in which case they can be found in the Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio directory on Windows and copied to the same location on the new machine. You’ll likely want to copy the dicts, scripts, and settings folders.


For those interested:

[How to Deactivate]
When you need to transfer your license to a new device, perform hardware upgrades, or reinstall your operating system, you would need to first revoke the license by deactivating your product and then activate the product on your new device or the upgraded device.

To deactivate your product, please launch Synthesizer V Studio and access the “License and Updates” panel by clicking the cloud icon on the sidebar. The panel lists the product installed and activated on your device. Select the product and click the “Deactivate” button below and your license on this device will be immediately revoked, and can be safely reactivated in a new device.

Note that before deactivating or uninstalling Synthesizer V Studio, please make sure that all the voices are deactivated first. If you proceed with the uninstallation with activated voices left in the system, you may recover the licensing status for the voices by re-installing and re-activating Synthesizer V Studio.

[Product Upgrade]
Before upgrading Synthesizer V Studio Pro or any of the voice databases, please save the current project and confirm a stable Internet connection.

To update any of the products, access the “License and Upgrades” panel by clicking the cloud icon on the sidebar. Click “Check for Updates” to search for updates. When an available update is shown under the product name, select the product and click the “Update” button at the bottom of the list. The software will begin to download the update package and you will be guided through the installation process.

Note that some updates for the voice databases only become available when Synthesizer V Studio Pro is in the latest version. Therefore, we recommended updating Synthesizer V Studio first and then the voices.


Thank you so much for the information!! Greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for the help.
What if I lost my laptop or I forgot to deactivate before erased the system? will it automatically deactivate the old or not?

Activations cannot be revoked remotely; it must be done by deactivating within the application on the same computer.

If you weren’t able to deactivate the old computer you should still be able to activate on the new device, but your activation count will be reduced to 2 instead of 3 and you won’t be able to reclaim the first use of the code.

what if i still have access to my old files on the new system? could i somehow copy it over? (i’m on linux)

You can copy the files, but make sure you deactivate your licenses first.

If the software detects that it’s been moved to a different computer it will immediately invalidate the activation without returning any uses of the product code.