Commercial use of Dreamtonics and Quadimension voices?

So, I’m still confused. Can I use my music using paid soundbanks for commercial usage? (distributing to stores like Spotify, Apple Music etc).

I have Pro version of SynthV, and I’m using these soundbanks

  • Paid version of Stardust which I bought from Taobao [Xingchen]
  • all paid soundbanks that are currently in dreamtonics store except for soundbanks that only support Chinese

I don’t generate more than $1K USD per track but in total, I do generate more than that number just in case it’s related to this case or something.

I think it’s fine to use all soundbanks in dreamtonics store, but I want to confirm once again.
For stardust, I heard that I need to contact the maker? if so, where?

Thank you!!


For commercial purposes, both Basic and Pro editions may be used. The only applicable restrictions are on the voice database itself. You can find the license for each voice database in the install directory.

Dreamtonics voices are allowed for commercial use, with no restrictions based on revenue.

While I do not personally have Stardust, I checked Shian’s license file and I do see a clause that requires you contact Quadimension in the case of commercial use. Though the situations under which this is necessary seem geared toward corporate use like use in TV series, marketing materials, and video games, it also doesn’t explicitly state a distinction between an individual and corporation.

So it seems the safest course of action would be to contact Quadimension ([email protected]) and verify. You can use DeepL to make communication easier (or at least, easier than it would be with Google Translate): DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator

I can’t offer legal advice, but it seems like as an independent musician just making songs and selling them on Bandcamp or monetizing a YouTube MV, you probably have nothing to worry about. But also, legal text is difficult to parse at the best of times and it’s good to take precautions.


Didnt expect to get your reply this fast, I saw some of your answers to others’ questions. I can’t thank you enough!! Now I can make music in peace haha, I will contact Quadimension for sure, good thing I know someone who can speak Chinese, again, thank you so much!


Theoretically English is also okay since it’s the international language. Guys at Quadimension are pretty nice so you should be able to inquire them directly. There must have been someone who has asked this question so you can expect an early reply.



Just in case someone had the same question, Quadimension said all usage (except using their name/image) are okay, as long as you aren’t earning more than $50K, if you earn more than that, need to pay royalty 5-10%