Technical difficulties in installing update 1.7.1

Hello Dreamtonics,

As I was downloading the new 1.7.1 update today, SynthV redirected me to a folder with the install package called “svstudio-basic-setup.exe”. I click on the package, and after a few seconds, my antivirus reports to me that it has detected a virus (Trojan horse) in the package. I immediately cancel the installation, and the update doesn’t install itself. SynthV doesn’t notice and seems to pretend that I hadn’t downloaded the update yet.

Is this normal? I asked on Reddit, and nobody else seems to be having this problem. However, my antivirus (360 Safeguard) clearly told me that it was sure it was a Trojan horse, and even listed the suspected program’s name: HEUR/QVM41.2.1107.Malware.Gen

Please check whether this is just a false positive or not and how I can make sure my update doesn’t contain a virus. I’m using a Windows 10 laptop.

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A quick search of “HEUR/QVM41.2.1107.Malware.Gen” shows that it’s a very common false positive for 360 Safeguard. Other antivirus software such as Windows Defender does not detect any issues.

As long as you’re downloading the installer directly from Dreamtonics (either from the downloads website or from inside SynthV Studio) you have nothing to worry about.


Okay, I chose to trust the update package and told the antivirus to let it off for once and let it install.

Immediately after that, SynthV told me it couldn’t access the file in the temporary directory, and got an Error 5 (No access to file). Checked the admin abilities and whitelisted it in the antivirus, to no avail. Anybody know why?

You know, I think this is getting more and more annoying. Kinda wanna just give up on updating and just get along with 1.7.0 at this point.

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It seems likely that even though the installer itself has been whitelisted, the files that are extracted from it during installation are getting blocked.

The simplest thing would be to temporarily disable 360 Safeguard for the duration of the installation.

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Hi, wanted to say that after disabling 360 temporarily and installing the package, everything has worked smoothly and I’ve succeeded in installing the update (without any sign of malware appearing). Thank you so much for your support!