FFXIV - Footfalls ft. Eleanor Forte AI & Kevin

This project started August 20, 2022, and now I bring to you a SynthV cover for Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s Theme, Footfalls.

As an always disclaimer, music is my expensive hobby and I am suffering, but I did my best to learn some new tuning and mixing methods to make sure everything sounds all in order. It also helps to have friends more well versed in music, hahahaha. Thank you Quality Checkers! I wouldn’t know what to do without you!~

➛ Comp., Arr., Lyrics: The Primals Cover Arr.: @huskybythegeek
➛ Mix: @queenval_art
➛ Quality Checkers: @revinleigh & @G123uss

➛ Lavenza L., Arsene L., Erhi D., Leppi M., Rozen S., Val R., Mirtis D., Alya S. & Doctor B.