Draggable Export without (explicitly) saving to a file

It would be kinda neat if at least the plugin had the option of not rendering to an external file, but instead presented an option to just drag out the export into a DAW or music application. Would make the workflow of just getting the rendered audio into a DAW much easier. The process would be:

  1. Do your thing(s) in SynthV.
  2. Hit Export/Render.
  3. Drag into DAW.

rather than the current:

  1. Do your thing(s) in SynthV.
  2. Hit Export/Render (making sure that the location and name are what you want).
  3. Open Explorer/Finder/a file browser, and find the file you just rendered.
  4. Drag into DAW.

Internally it could be implemented as rendering to a temp file that SynthV manages the deletion of (and maybe hands that management off to the OS).


Having full drag-and-drop functionality seems like it would be really hard and complicated from a programming perspective.

Having a button that would open the folder and highlight the last rendered file would go a long way, and is not that hard to implement.


Yeah, the full drag and drop would be my ideal implementation, but basically anything that eases the rendered output to DAW input part of the process would be heading in a good direction imo.

If you want tight integration of your DAW and SynthV Studio Pro, give the build-in VSTi/AU support a try.

I have~

It’s just a similar problem, but in reverse: getting MIDI data into SynthV is sometimes a task, and with plugins tending not to support undo at the DAW level, a stray Ctrl-Z can just erase the plugin and undo all my work (if I just worked in the plugin).

If I decide to work in the DAW, SynthV afaik doesn’t really support recording in MIDI data. But for recording the results of the synth once you have all your data where you want it, the plugin is A+.