The ability change vocal modes within note selections

Just as the new feature was made to change the languages with the notes selected, I wonder if that could even be possible with vocal modes. Such as having part of a vocal line as a Soft vocal mode, but within the same line, the next notes could be changed to Powerful. It’d be neat if it could be made possible.


Currently I have to do that by using a duplicate of the track and just have the changes on one of them - much better if it could be done for a selection. Of course when you come to edit it you’d need some sort of indication on the notes that they have voice settings.


I currently do that using groups, that way I don’t have to use another track. The transition is a bit steep because it’s a group and not based technically on the same “line” as the previous word/syllabe, but it’s the same when you use another track. Basically, you input a note, turn it into a group and then within that group you can change both the vocal mode AND the language. I did that for one of my songs.