Need quick getting started tip - loading database

I’m just getting started and I can’t seem to load a database.

$ ./synthesizer-v-editor ~/Downloads/eleanor-lite-install-100.svpk
./synthesizer-v-editor: /lib64/ no version information available (required by ./synthesizer-v-editor)

(not sure why its complaining about
$ ls -l /lib64/
lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 16 Nov 24 14:46 /lib64/ →

But when it starts - it does not recognize the elanore lite database and I can’t seem to select one from within the app?

Fedora 36.

Thanks to anyone that could help.

You are using the discontinued editor. This is the legacy application which is not compatible with any of the voice databases for SynthV Studio.

Download SynthV Studio Basic instead:

More information here:


Thanks for that. This one works much better :slight_smile:

I’m good - problem solved. Thank You