SynthV should have thicker brighter lines separating each bar on the piano roll

Hi, I wanted to send this feedback because it’s been one of the thing I often found frustrating with SynthV, it’s very easy in synthV when editing midi notes to accidentally place them a beat before or after the bar slightly because the only kind of marker we get for a bar is the small marker at the top of the timeline
most daws and other vocal synth softwares tend to make it clear where each bar is by having an either darker, either brighter thicker line where each bar is. It would be a very useful change for productivity


Agreed. It would be great if they do implement this. It’s a simple thing but it forced me to stay away as as far as I could from their piano roll. Right now I have to create the MIDI on my DAW and import them as tracks to SynthV. Yes, I still need to do a little edit on SynthV but it’s not as painful as creating from scratch.