Did SynthV Finally add support for SynthV R1 Files?!

I don’t know if Synthesizer V Studio ever had support for opening Synthesizer V Editor Project (.s5p) files, but I remember back in SynthV R2 Version 1.7.0 and later I could not open up a R1 editor project (.s5p). If they did have support the whole time, then all my converting was for no good.

But with the 1.8.0 update for Synthesizer V Studio, I can now open up a .s5p file from SynthV R1 into R2 without a third-party conversion.

I don’t know if that’s helpful in any way but for me it is.


Don’t know why you were having trouble before, s5p files have been supported since R2’s launch


I’ve never had a problem opening them, but there was a lot of work in joining the notes as SIL appeared between all of them.

Hm really, that’s odd because I would have these files and when I tried opening them or importing them into SynthV it would work or show as a file option to choose from.

Well thanks for letting me know support was always there.

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There’s a script to help remove all the tiny SIL if you need it for now been working for me.