Synthesizer V AI Ninezero: New Masculine English Voice from Dreamtonics for Hard Rock and Metal

Dreamtonics has announced an upcoming English male voice in rock style:

It’s a pity the didn’t add the announcement here, on their own official forum… :confused:

The first time I heard the demo, I thought perhaps it was having trouble with the /s/ sound, but there are typos in the lyric - “bells” and “in”. Maybe they wanted to avoid any copyright infringement on a public domain song first published in 1857? :upside_down_face:


Finally. :slight_smile:

Likely just a side-effect of the staff not being native English speakers. The Japanese version of the song is actually sung as “jingle bell, jingle bell” without the /s/.


Thanks, Claire.

Good to know. :smiley:


Does anyone know how far in advance they start teasing a voicebank prior to the actual release? The post mentions coming soon but I wasn’t sure what “soon” means, in this case.

Also, do they typically provide updates on the progress and release timeline or do they take a wait and see approach?

I believe in the past when Dreamtonics has teased Chinese vocals (Weina, Cong Zheng, Xuan Yu) they have released almost exactly a month after the initial announcement.

That said, aside from those examples Dreamtonics tends to release things with no warning whatsoever (Natalie), and Kevin had a significantly longer gap between the initial teaser and actual release (6+ months).


In other words

we don’t actually know. Dreamtonics do what Dreamtonics does TTWTT

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Thanks for the info Claire. I am just glad to see another voicebank is on the way and that they are branching out into a different genre / style. The technology is already quite amazing and I can’t wait to see where things go as the develop a larger network of developers and voice talents for their voicebanks.


Got a new sample dropped today


Upcoming demo to be posted on bilibili: “Ghost of the Sea” by Thamnos

Name is revealed to be Ninezero, named after the Australian rock and metal singer!


We can also see a new form of parameter visualization during playback in the demo video, so it seems like Ninezero’s release will coincide with the next update to SynthV Studio itself (presumably either 1.8.1 or 1.9.0).

(gif captured by @susko3)



Now THAT’S what I want! I will be buying this as soon as I’m able…
I wonder what he sounds like with overdrive at something other than 100% - I will find out in due course :crazy_face:

Ninezero has been officially released on Dreamtonics’s International and Taobao shops as well as AH-Software! What’s more, he comes with a bonus Vocal Phrases Pack of over 200 short and expressive phrases!

Dreamtonics International:

Dreamtonics Taobao:


Press releases and announcements:


Bit late since it already dropped I figure but in THIS solo demo the vocal has a tremendous amount of hiss and distortion that sounds like someone used a de-esser that was faulty. Is this the final quality? Can someone upload a small vocal solo without the guitars and drums masking everything?
I would need the voice for rock ballads that carry much less “background”…

Please check out his vocal modes in this video from YouTube. It just showcases his voice without instruments :v:
Nine Zero Vocal Modes

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