help! activation doesn't work

I’m having a problem activating. I purchased direct from dreamtonics the bundle deal with one voice.

First, I downloaded the installers and attempted to install on my windows 7 pc. A pop up said not supported by dreamtonics so I then
Installed the program (PRO version) on a windows 10 pc. When I enter the activation code it does nothing. The ok button won’t work, no green checkmark by where I typed in the code either.

I have both anti-virus and firewall turned off.

Any suggestions? I already emailed support at Dreamtonics but no response yet.

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Please don’t post multiple messages on the same topic like this, one is enough - it is 7:30 in the morning for me but you expect a quicker response? We are all just fans here, not support staff.

Firstly, can we clarify that you are ONLY installing the program at this point, not the voicebank and that you have the activation code for the program - the voicebank code will not work for this.

I’m brand new to this forum and didn’t understand why my posts weren’t showing up. I have since attempted to delete the other messages. Sorry about that.

Yes, only installing for the very first time on a windows 10 pc. I have the activation code, yes. Also turned off the anti-virus and firewall.

The activation button won’t click, and no green checkmark nest to code in authorization box. The program itself seems to have loaded ok.

The lack of a green checkmark indicates the issue is most likely a typo in the code, or that you entered the activation code for the voice instead of SynthV Studio (since you purchased the bundle you will have two codes, one for each product).

If it’s not one of those issues you might just need to wait for support to get back to you.