I lost my activation after transport whole system to luks encrypted f2fs

I wanna encrypt the whole system, so I recreated a partition and then used rsync tool to synchronize all data from the old system, however, I permanently lost my activation in the new system. The old system is still available on my PC and the activation is available. Is there any way to reactive without retyping the code? (Because the sound library is someone presented to me, so I want to avoid using the activation code. And the old system is still available right?)

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If you deactivate the product on the old system you will be able to move it to the new system. You will have to enter the code again when reactivating.

Sharing product codes is a violation of the license agreement. Each license is only valid for one user.


Finally, I retype the code, and I got a problem is why the activation will be lost in a new system. It looks the same as the old system expect the filesystem has changed. It will lose again after I resize the filesystem?

As long as you deactivate the products first you will not lose anything.

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