Midi in: Can I mute the Synth V note tones and still record?

I am experimenting with real-time audio to midi using my singing as a source. When recording, hearing the SynthV tones from the sidebar is distracting and makes my brain “hunt” for pitch. Can I mute that? I searched around the interface and couldn’t find it. I need to still hear the instrumental track and I am using Synth V in standalone mode not a VST.


I’ve only had the program for 4 days, but I discovered that while I cannot totally mute it - I can come close by 1) make the instrumental track as loud as it can be by turning the little circle on the left clockwise as high as it can go, and turn your speakers or headphone down if necessary, and then 2) turn your midi input sound as soft as it can go by going to settings - midi input - master gain and slide the fader all the way to the left. That will rebalance the mix so the track is much louder than the midi instrument sound. Most people are using a keyboard so they want to hear the midi instrument loud to check what they are playing, but a singing voice has its own internal “human” monitor which needs to be heard to stay in tune, so this is probably not what was intended by the new midi input, but I think what I suggest here will make it workable.

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Thank you, I’ll try that.