Request for quote on custom voices

I have some funds set aside for a project to create a voice for Synthesizer V based on two friends of mine that are professional opera singers (USA): a baritone and a soprano. Both are ready to record what is need to create the voice database, but I lack the expertise to create the voice myself. If you would kindly let me know if an arrangement can be made whereby I supply you with recordings of contracted singers made specifically for the process of turning them into Synthesizer V voice bands, and you do what is needed to turn it into a product.

I would need to know what the upfront cost per voice would be, and could a partial upfront plus a percentage of sales arrangement work?

Anyone in the forum who has the ability to create a voice (with demonstrated experience), feel free to reply or DM.

Richard deCosta
Turing Opera Workshop

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There is no support for user-made SynthV voice databases. If you want to pursue that process you would need to contact Dreamtonics directly ([email protected]).

While the exact process and licensing costs are not publicly available, you can probably infer a rough expectation based on past crowdfunding campaigns (considering that there are multiple components to the total, including licensing, development, paying the voice providers, etc.).

Solaria’s goal was 40k USD with a final total closer to 50k raised.

The goals for Natsuki Karin and Hanakuma Chifuyu were ¥6.8M each (approx. 50k USD), though in this case the crowdfunding campaign was related to AHS (one of Dreamtonics’ main partners) and also was to fund a CeVIO Talk voice for each character, so the funding goals may be less indicative of the actual cost of producing just the SynthV AI voice.


Good luck with your project Richard. I think the Synth V technology is great but the software will only get better as more and more people begin to develop voicebanks with voice talents from various genres. I hope that the licensing prices aren’t too high as to discourage new individuals from getting involved in projects like yours.


I really like the name…

Very witty of you. Right now Dreamtonics is the best, however, that is subject to change as this whole AI movement takes off.

The fortunate part of your request is that there are no good pure opera singers or powerful black voices for that matter.

The downside is that there is also no official Italian dictionary, although dictionaries are being created by users left and right with some difficulty.

I would approach every sound company implemented through SynthV and see who bites.

Let the company voice-pak wars begin.

Best wishes. Opera would be nice.

Dreamtonics may still be bean counting their outcome with the Solaris release.

I do have some ideas, but not for the faint of heart.

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