Which Voicebank should I choose?

Hi. Just looking for some guidance with voicebank choice. Looks like I just might go ahead and get SynthV, but uncertain about which voicebank to get… I can see that all the voices sound pretty good. If I get the [Bundle] Synthesizer V Studio Pro + Any Voice Database looks like it’s Natalie or Kevin in this case. So can a female voice be tuned to sound male? and vice versa? If $$ wasn’t an issue I could just get multiple VBs :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d also like to try making some Caribbean style music, like Soca, Reggae, etc. - so that’s my dilemma choosing a VB… Any advice?

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One thing to note is that cross-lingual synthesis means any AI voice can sing in English, however voices still have a “native” language and so it’s normal for them to have an accent if taking this approach (but it can open up many more voice types if an accent isn’t something you’re worried about).

As far as native-English voices are concerned, your options are Solaria, Kevin, Natalie, Eleanor Forte, Anri, and Asterian.

I think most people would recommend Solaria as a first purchase since she’s extremely versatile. That said, if you want a specific sound it’s good to listen to existing work with each voice to see which fits your purposes best.

I’ve compiled a list of all voices here, including notes on the voice type and relevant purchase links:

Sort of. Really only within the same limitations that a real human voice could be in a DAW using a combination of EQ and formant shifting. This is a bit easier with Yuma since he’s intentionally meant to be an androgynous voice.


Great. Thanks Claire. You’re right, Solaria looks like the way to go… sounds like she could give some of those Lady Calypsonians some good competition, haha.
BTW, I’m in awe of your deep understanding and knowledge - stumbling across some of your guides, am really impressed! With examples like the lessons on ARPAbet and phonemes for better pronunciation etc. Funny thing, a interesting article in the Time mag talked about US educators embracing this as “the” way to improve reading and comprehension in the system…