Working in DAW

When working in DAW, do you prefer keeping the plugin or bouncing the synth V project as audio file and inserting it back in the DAW project?

Sometimes I hear a slight latency when I use the synth V plugin in the DAW (Logic Pro). When I bounce the full project (I mean the complete audio project, not only synth V) is this delay corrected?

If you are going with the VST all the way until the end, make sure you select “Prefer Quality” in the render mode setting before bouncing via DAW.

Otherwise any sync issues should be resolved, since the final render does not have to process in real-time unlike when you press “play” to listen to everything live.


Thanks. I will check and find the best workflow. I think it is better to bounce synth V projects at some point. Otherwise I am afraid it would create a bug or something.