Urban Style Voicebanks

I produce quite a few tracks with urban music styles and would love to see some voicebanks that lean towards the styles of R&B, Soul, Reggae & Hip Hop.

I realize these styles may not be as highly requested as pop but, I think adding some different styles will make Synth V more versatile and possibly attract new customers.

My voicebank wish-list:
English male and female classic soul singers (able to belt out phrases)
English male and female contemporary R&B singers (could work for gospel styles as well)
English male and female hip-hop artists (able to to produce fast vocal phrasing)
Jamaican Patois male and female singers (for reggae)

Btw, does anyone know of any software that can currently create English hip-hop or rap vocals that are on par with Synth V in regards to realism?


I was glad to see the video that shows vocal rap synthesis is coming to Synth V. Would love to know if these will be specific voicebanks or if existing voicebanks will be able to utilize this new technology. I am assuming they will be voicebanks made for this purpose. If so, I hope that they can find vocal talent that can also record melodic elements as many hip-hop artists can switch back and forth between melodic and monotone elements within a song.


The wording in the teaser is “rap vocal support” and unlike with Cantonese language support they didn’t use an existing voice for the demo, so it seems like there will be separate voice databases specifically for rap, but of course we don’t have much information yet.

If it is a separate type of voice database, it would certainly be ideal if Dreamtonics would be willing to release two voice databases from the same voice provider, one for rap and one for melodic singing.

In either case, support for rap will be a big step forward in terms of the product’s capabilities, but I imagine some users would find it very limiting if they had to make every track with a combination of styles a duet.


Yeah Buoy!! :grin:

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