Urban Style Voicebanks

I produce quite a few tracks with urban music styles and would love to see some voicebanks that lean towards the styles of R&B, Soul, Reggae & Hip Hop.

I realize these styles may not be as highly requested as pop but, I think adding some different styles will make Synth V more versatile and possibly attract new customers.

My voicebank wish-list:
English male and female classic soul singers (able to belt out phrases)
English male and female contemporary R&B singers (could work for gospel styles as well)
English male and female hip-hop artists (able to to produce fast vocal phrasing)
Jamaican Patois male and female singers (for reggae)

Btw, does anyone know of any software that can currently create English hip-hop or rap vocals that are on par with Synth V in regards to realism?

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