Is there any way to directly connect SynthV to Adobe Audition?

I want to work easily with Adobe aution without the need to export and import too many times. Can someone please help?

I believe Audition is technically an “Audio Editor” for recording and processing general audio like sound effects and narration, and not a music-focused DAW (“Digital Audio Workstation”).

While it does have VST3 support, i wouldn’t be surprised if it only works with effects and not instruments.

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If so, is there any recommended DAW that’s perfect for using with SynthV? I’ve tried using my friend FLStudio but I find it very hard to use so I didn’t buy it.

Which DAW you use is really a matter of preference. Try a few trial versions and pick the one you like best.

FL Studio is popular largely because you get future updates at no extra cost and there are a lot of online tutorials. Whichever one you pick it’s going to require some amount of learning to get used to it.

There isn’t really any DAW that’s more suited to SynthV than others though. In practice, SynthV is just an instrument, and any half-decent DAW will offer you the ability to load instruments and apply effects to them.

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Thank you very much!