Cubase 12 - Synthesizer V VST Crashes

No way to use the VST plugin on Cubase 12 every instantiation crashes the DAW.
Mac Os X Catalina (10.15.6)

Any help appreciated, cheers, Eriberto

ADDENDUM: it crashes on Mac OS Monterey 12.6.2 too.

Cheers, Eriberto

Which version of SynthV Studio do you have installed? Does it work when run as a standalone application?

Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.8.0
Synthesizer V Engine 2.6.3

Standalone working fine, VST Crashes Cubase…
Cheers, Eriberto

On. Catalina reinstall all and the all went right, on Monterey same approach went to nothing.
VST 3.7.2 version, Cubase 12.0.52

Cheers, Eriberto

Anyone got the same problem? Any help?
Thanks, cheers Eriberto

Hello Eriberto - I am also a Cubase 12 user, but I have never used SynthV inside my DAW - I don’t see any reason to do that…. My workflow is to create the vocal entirely in SynthV standalone, by using a wav file exported by Audio mixdown from my Cubase project as accompaniment in SynthV.

I can see how frustrating it will be to have SynthV causing a Cubase crash, but rather than trying to solve that , perhaps you could consider changing your workflow - best of luck whatever you decide to do.

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Hi just two reason for this:

  1. I paid for the feature
  2. I change my arrangement and melody in real time within Cubase.

I tried Vocaloid that has thi feature and was great but I prefer Sithesizer V because all the rest…

Cheer Eriberto

Sorry to hear of your problems edemunari
Not really a lot of help I’m afraid, I’m on Cubase 11-Windows10 and have no problems
One thing that might be of any help tho …
I have had a few (knock-wood) Cubase crashes that I relate to Synth V
Back then even after a PC restart Cubase would/could still crash on Synth V
I then found out that clearing the Synth V Recovery Folder brought back a stable system
Since then I have a Quicklink to the Synth V Recovery Folder and always empty it, no more crashes
I don’t think this will relate to your problem (different machines/versions)
But maybe something to check

Normal Recovery Folder Install:
“C:\Users-yournamed-\Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\recovery”

Thanks Cr3ActivityFirst
Try to translate your hint to Mac Os.Found under Library/Applications Support/Dreamtonics a folder with recovery… than I decided to erase all the Dreamtonic Folder, the app and all the preference files everything…

So I could perform a new clean installation…

But no way to make VST plugin work, Cubase crashes Immediately after instantiation.

Last test i to remove all voice banks, but no way…

Really disappoint about that is there any Dreamtonics guy that should help me?
Any Mac Os X user?
Is it possible to talk to a developer guy?

Thanks in advance, Cheers, Eriberto

for people who knows how to use it, here is the Cubase Crash Report.

Cheers, Eriberto
Cubase Crash (15,5 KB)

Im on C12 with Monterey on an M1 MacBook air. No problems with the plugin. Keep trying - its worth it.

I’ll try even if I’m a little bit disappointed… maybe is because I’m on.a Mac Book Pro 2021 with M1 Pro?

Monterey 16.6.2 here.

Thanks, cheers Eriberto

WOAAA!!! Bingo!!!

It seems I find the solution!!!
Remove all plugins, not only Synthesizer V, then adding them one by one, starting with Synthesizer V at the end find which ones conflict and is an old VST 2 plugin that Cubase never signed as unusable… even if it didn’t have any problem with it before…

Now it seem that all goes right… hope… :crossed_fingers:

Cheers, Eriberto

I was having this same problem and I can confirm my project finally consistently opens after I got rid of the third party VST2.