SOLARIA vs Weina singing in Chinese mandary for my original song

I’m so excited that SOLARIA can sing Chinese. So I tried to let her singing with Weina, Weina used warm and tender voice and Solaria sang with power voice as ad-libs.

There are some thing that I still confused, I let the Instant Mode on then I input all notes and lyrics, Once I turn off the instant mode, it sounds nothing changed? I supposed to think that they should remove those vibrato and pitch automations after the instan mode is off, but no? What is the instant mode working for? Shall I let it be on or off?
Kindly waiting any suggestions. Thanks.


Great job! I really enjoyed the song. Regarding instant mode- once you turn it off, everything that it was doing in the background gets imprinted in the Pitch of the parameters area. Notice that while instant mode- is on that the Pitch deviation in the parameters section stays flat unless you manually make changes. Those changes are separate from what instant mode is doing, however, once you turn instant mode off then those behind the scenes instant mode pitch movements get written to the Pitch deviation parameters. There is a great unofficial manual posted by @claire that goes deeper into this feature. I highly recommend reading through it.


Thanks a lot! I’ll go read it.