Is there a way to make a voicebank sing in head voice?

I need a voicebank to use head voice in a specific part of a song. Lowering the tension does absolutely nothing except lower the volume, and using Soft mode doesn’t do it either, it just gives you an airy falsetto sound, not a pure head voice.

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Which voice bank is it?
Last time I did with Xuan Yu, he cannot hit the high notes if I did not turned ON his Solid and Opennes to the max … so I think there’s slight difference on every VB


I’m using Cong Zheng.

I can’t install the software yet; if there is a way to filter out the low end, that might help.

You might need to use a vst plugin after synthv (just on the voice) to really get the sound you want.

I assume the notes would have to be high enough to warrant that. You can’t ask a woman to sing in her head voice when the notes are in the lower half of her range.