1.8.1b Parameter Vertical Zoom State


Parameter Vertical Zooming should be remembered for each parameter individual
This behavior is the same as pre 1.8.1b, BUT because of the manner in which parameters now behave (=changed)
The Vertical Zoom MUST be remembered for each parameter
Cause the Level of Zoom difference between the parameters can now be huge

ie. (steps)

  • Say, VOICE Loudness Parameter is set to max. 12dB - you probably want the Vertical Zoom at x2 in the Parameter Lane
  • If you now switch that lane to Pitch you want the Vertical Zoom to be Off, so you set it to Off
  • If you now switch that lane back to Loudness the points can not be seen cause Vertical Zoom is Off, you have to switch it to x2 again
  • So you constantly have to switch Vertical Zoom when you switch lanes !

Before 1.8.1b the Voice Parameter had no influence on the manner the parameter was displayed/drawn, now it has
So each parameter therefore must have it’s Vertical Zoom remembered, or you constantly have to change the Vertical Zoom manual:\


Parameter vertical zooming is very important for editing, There are too many circumstances that I need draw the pitch parameter over +/-300 cents. Once I do it, I cannot even select those points that are above 300 or below -300.

See my response to your other post here:

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I feel your pain, for me this is what keeps me at 1.8.0 (stuck-stuck-stuck)
I hope they will change it, but have little hope:\
I don’t see many people complaining about it
It seems people either don’t care, have another workflow or simply adapt ?!
For me it is a stretch too far, workflow is everything
Just fingers crossed and keep posting for a change
Vertical Zoom state recall per parameter would be a nice solution
As for now Claire’s answer is the way, set x2/x4 Vertical Zoom manual, if you can work with it

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