Synth-V Singing a Big Choir!
Can Synth-V Handel It?

This was made with five voices Synth-V AI voices on each of the four parts, for a total of 20 voice tracks. No voice is exactly the same in tone and settings. I think the new upgrade to the male voices might have helped this sound fuller. What do you think?


This is gonna sound cliche for SynthV, but this could be mistaken for a human chorus. Well done!

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Thomas I really love this job! CONGRATS!!! :clap:

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ThomasS, you are really very good!
I appreciate your tracks very much, including the previous Manhattan Transfert tracks. You are really a master in vocal and choirs simulating!
It would be interesting, from a teaching point of view, to study the .svp project file, if you kindly can. Thanks a lot.

I played this for my mate who couldn’t believe it wasn’t a human choir. Great job.

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Link to Download Files
Hi Mickey,
Here is a link to download a few files I have. It has the .svp to two choral pieces I recently made. Unfortunately I didn’t keep the .svp to the Manhattan Transfer song, but I included the choral score and the midi file I made and loaded into Synth-V, so that is a good way to see how it was made, and you can try it yourself, by adding the words from the score. Make sure the .svp is opened NOT in Instant Mode, and don’t enable Instant Mode. Because there are a lot of tracks, the program takes a lot of time to get the tracks ready, so be patient until it can play them. (if you hit the up arrow tab on the right it will show you the progress of getting the files ready, which for me takes a few cups of coffee)

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Hey Tomad! Are you in Australia (since you have a “mate”) - Anyway, good to hear from you. This program is a blast. I’ve only had it for about 6 weeks, and still learning. Play this new file I made and see if your mate thinks its human:

Thank you very much Thomas,
you’ve given me and the community an extraordinary and treasured gift. For that I will never cease to thank you!
Your files will be very useful for study. Tomorrow that I will have more time, I will open them and start studying. I will let you know soon.
Thank you again and may God bless you!

I’m actually in Atlanta via Boston. I don’t know why I use the term mate instead of friend but I tend to do that. I’ve been around synths both hardware and software since the 80’s. (Yeah I’m an old dude). Nothing has blown me away like Synth-V. I’ve used the demos of the competitors and they don’t come close (IMO) to either ease of use or quality of the vocals. I’ve only had this for a couple of weeks and I’m addicted.
Your Over The Rainbow is great too.