【Solaria】私は最強【SynthV cover ft. Solaria】

Hello! This is my first cover from Ado - I’m invincible
Hope you enjoy, Thank you!


You did it great! I’m impressed with each Solaria version that I listen. I think she fits well in lot of styles.
By the way. The breath sounded very natural on your project. Was it simple to reach it on ‘instant mode’ or needed some extra takes?

Thank you!!
About “instant mode”, I think that most of this can be achieved simply. But when I solo to listen, ther are some words or paragraphs even breath that I would try more extra takes (maybe 8~10 takes), because the emotion of music.
My English is not very good, I hope you will understand what I say XD

No problem! Thanks for sharing. It’s good to read you bro

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