Phonetic lyric entry and the Insert Lyrics panel

One issue I run into frequently with lyric entry in SynthV is how “dot-form” phonetic note entry works in the Insert Lyrics panel. For example, say I have a note with a special pronunciation entered inside, like the following image:

The note .b ah t ch takes up one note, but this isn’t noted at all in the Insert Lyrics panel. Due to this, one note .b ah t ch may be separated into several syllables, like [.b] [ah] [t] [ch], which is undesirable.
(upon accepting these results, you’d expect it to be the same, but it slices the note strangely!)

I think a good way to fix this would be to add some sort of delimiter for notes that have spaces in them, like using square brackets. For my example, it would turn .b ah t ch you always into [.b ah t ch] you always, clearly designating the space-separated note into one single note.

This obviously isn’t a huge issue-- I can still fix it in post, or just change the phonemes of the note directly, but it would really speed up my workflow if I could work entirely in the Insert Lyrics panel and direct note entry.