Put scripts in folders


I would like to put my scripts in folders, that is, so that the contents of the folders are displayed in submenus in the Synthesizer V software as opposed to a long list. I noticed Claire’s lovely scripts would give you such folder automatically, but that’s not the case with @dcuny’s Pitch Scale Deviation, no matter if it’s put in a folder in Windows explorer or not.

Thanks. :pray:

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The submenus in the dropdown are determined by the “category” property declared in the “getClientInfo” function of the script, rather than the actual folder on your file system.

You can edit the scripts with any normal text editor (notepad, notepad++, VS Code, Sublime Text, etc.).

JavaScript example:

function getClientInfo() {
  return {
    "name": SV.T(SCRIPT_TITLE),
    "category": "Claire's Scripts - Hotkey Scripts",
    "author": "https://github.com/claire-west/svstudio-scripts",
    "versionNumber": 1,
    "minEditorVersion": 65537

Lua example:

function getClientInfo()
  return {
    name = SV:T(SCRIPT_TITLE),
    author = "David Cuny",
    category = "dcuny's Scripts",
    versionNumber = 1,
    minEditorVersion = 65537

Thank you for your quick and pedagogical answer – you are a rock!