Library for Chinese Folk Songs ?

Any suggestions for using SynthesizeV sound library to feat with Chinese Folk Songs ?
Which librarys was suitable for this music style ?

I don’t know very much about Chinese Folk music, but Dreamtronics has a voicebank made for Peking Opera called Cheng Xiao that might work:

I hope this helps!

I need folk songs (maybe I should use this word “ethnic”) style , not the Chinese opera style.

Oh, well. I’m not very familiar with Chinese ethnic music, but if there’s any AI voice you like, it should have cross-lingual synthesis, so it could probably sing folk music! Stardust Infinity is a very nice all-purpose Chinese voice.

As far as how Dreamtonics labels their voice databases:


  • An Xiao
  • Feng Yi
  • Weina


  • Mo Chen (his description does also specify folk music!)
  • Qing Su

Light Rock

  • Cong Zheng
  • Xuan Yu

Peking Opera

  • Cheng Xiao

The other options are Stardust by Quadimension and Xia Yu Yao by Voicemith. Neither company advertises their products for a specific genre, but both are quite versatile.

Stardust is easy to use in a wide variety of styles, and Xia Yu Yao will generally prefer softer songs.

As for the non-AI options:

  • Chiyu and Haiyi are more clear/powerful voices
  • Cangqiong is more general-purpose/verstile
  • Shian is good for soft singing
  • AiKO works best with cute songs