Hello, I would like to know if you plan to do a voice bank in Spanish

The last voices in Spanish that I know of are from Vocaloid 3, a very limited software, I would like to know if you have plans to make a voice bank in Spanish.

Dreamtonics does not respond directly on these forums, only to support requests sent to [email protected]. That is to say, if your message is not related to customer support, they may not respond via email either.

As for additional languages, Cantonese Chinese is the only new language to be added since the launch of the software. The fact that a new language is being added means that the addition of other languages such as Spanish is not impossible.

There are a couple main obstacles:

  • Dreamtonics is a small company and has to prioritize things appropriately
    • They likely cannot dedicate development efforts to multiple new languages at the same time without sacrificing improvements to the core product
    • When new languages are added, it’s likely going to be relatively slowly, and only one at a time
  • Dreamtonics needs a suitable partner to work with since they likely do not have Spanish-speaking staff
    • Vocal synthesis is a niche in most countries, so it’s risky for a company to be an “early adopter”
    • It’s difficult to find suitable partners, since Dreamtonics has to be able to trust them with part of the development process

I understand, thank you very much for your attention