changing mouth shape(?) when singing

hello, absolute newbie here!

i want to know how to make the singer sing in a round or wide shaped mouth?
i dont know what its called, but here is a video.

you can hear at 0:42, she sings normally. but at 0:45, she sings in a different tone(?)
im sorry i dont know anything about this…


Vocal modes are generally used to modify the tone, but only some voice databases have an open/closed vocal mode.

Voices with an “open” vocal mode:

  • An Xiao
  • Feng Yi
  • Mo Chen
  • Ryo
  • Saki
  • Xuan Yu

With “closed”:

  • Cong Zheng

With both:

  • Asterian
  • Cheng Xiao

i see, this was very insightful thank you!
im assuming there is none for Mai then, which is unfortunate because i really like her voice
hopefully they can add those features soon…

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