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Hi guys, i just bought Synth V along with Kevin and Solaria. I really love the product but if it was possible to customize our own shortcuts, I would be able to work much faster and more efficiently. I’m a professional music producer and use a couple DAWS including Nuendo, Melodyne and Adobe Audition. With these programs I’m able to customize my shortcuts. This means I have the same commands with all programs so there is no learning curve there and so I have a very fast editing workflow. It would be nice if you could consider this option for Synth V.
I see there are some shortcut possibilities but not for stuff like horizontal and vertical zooming. Please consider giving us users these possibilities thereby making your great program much greater and easier to use. Thanks.


I know Kanru is familiar with Reaper. Come on Kanru, do your awesome design thing and give us more shortcuts :sunglasses:

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This is definitely a shortcoming of SynthV Studio. The user experience would be improved greatly if only we had more keybind options and more settings to customize the software to our individual needs (alternate color themes are incredibly overdue…).

In the meantime, since the keybinds menu allows you to assign hotkeys to scripts, users with the Pro edition can somewhat work around this issue by using scripts to perform these simple “hotkeyable” tasks.

This is my collection of scripts, including ones for viewport zoom in/out. The ones most suited to “hotkeyable” usage are under the “hotkey-scripts” heading. The entire collection can be downloaded by clicking the “.zip” folder icon in the upper right of the page.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: This is amazing, thank you!

Also, I think the keyboard shortcuts should open in a separate window. Maybe that’s straying too far from SynthV’s menu design, but the current menu feels so cramped in that little space.


Likewise Lee and plus one for this feature request. Bob

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