Not received download

I purchased and paid for Synthesizer V and the Ninezero voice on 11 March 2023 and have NOT received the email with the download link.

Payment via Paypal (confirmed by Paypal)

Please PROVIDE LINK urgently.

None of your email addresses work

How do I get the download I have paid for

Downloads normally arrive within a few minutes of ordering.

Dreamtonics does not respond directly on these forums. If you’ve had trouble reaching them, first make sure you’re using the correct email address ([email protected]) and that there are no messages in your spam folder.

Some users have found that certain email providers (SFR, for example) will block responses from Dreamtonics. If you use a Gmail account you will be able to reach them without issue.

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Thanks Claire, I’ll try them from a Gmail account (nothing in spam, checked there)

Thanks again