Workflow Improvements for importing MIDI

Would be great to import a midi file to act as a guide for the other singers.
So, if I have a 3 part harmony ( 3 singers ) on 3 tracks, and just want a chord guide on a seperate track to the 3 singers, would be nice to be able to export the chords from my DAW into Synth V so that the 3 singers can follow the chords, it can’t be done easily. Import MIDI file tries to create a new project, and it’s really clunky to try and just record the notes.
All you need is a quick import midi to a midi track ( no vocal processing ), and just display the notes on the other singers tracks as a guide.
Should be easy enough, but at the moment, it’s a real pain to try and do this. This would be very helpful when creating harmonies.

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Selecting “Import as Tracks” will use the MIDI file to add new tracks in the current project instead of creating a new one.