[KEVIN] Ten Thousand Positive Energy Song in Chinese (Original Song)



chatGPT: “十万正能量歌”是一首中国流行音乐作品,它的歌词内容充满了诙谐、讽刺和玩味性。歌曲的表面意义是赞颂积极向上的正能量,但它实际上旨在讽刺社会上一些虚伪和表面的现象。歌曲的歌词运用了华丽的辞藻和词语的颠倒顺序等技巧,使得歌曲在听觉和视觉上都具有强烈的冲击力和表现力。在歌曲的副歌部分,它直接指出了一些只会说大话,却不能真正为民众谋福利的虚伪人物。虽然这首歌曲表达的观点有些讽刺和批判,但它仍然具有积极的能量和向上的精神,鼓励人们要勇于面对生活中的挑战和困难,追求自己的理想和梦想,努力向更美好的未来迈进。视频使用AI绘图和AI动画。AI歌手为 Synthesizer V的 Kevin
“Ten Thousand Positive Energy Song” is a popular Chinese music piece, which is filled with humor, sarcasm, and playful elements in its lyrics. The surface meaning of the song is to praise the positive energy of being optimistic, but it is actually aimed at satirizing some hypocritical and superficial phenomena in society. The lyrics of the song use gorgeous rhetoric and word order reversal techniques, making the song have strong impact and expression both in hearing and visual. In the chorus section of the song, it directly points out some hypocritical figures who only talk big but cannot really promote the well-being of the people. Although the song expresses some irony and criticism, it still has positive energy and an upward spirit, encouraging people to face the challenges and difficulties in life bravely, pursue their own ideals and dreams, and strive towards a better future. All paintings comes from AI, and the AI singer is Kevin from Synthesizer V.