Adding as VST within Tracktion Waveform 12 DAW

Hi folks,

A beginner’s question: Is there a VST version of this synth and, if so, will it work in Tracktion Waveform 12? If not, which DAWs is it compatible with?

Thanks in advance.


Only the Pro (paid) version of the software has VSTi/AU support. There is no official list of supported DAWs, however most should work without issue.

Some users have had issues with timeline desync in Logic Pro (Start/Stop Issue in Plugin Version (video example included)). Additionally since DAWs often handle tempo changes differently SynthV Studio cannot always detect them automatically, so some users will need to manually set tempo changes in SynthV Studio to match the ones in their DAW project.

Keep in mind that due to the additional complexity of the SynthV Studio piano roll (including lyrics, phonemes, pitch based on a curve rather than MIDI notes, etc.) the SynthV Studio workspace is separate from the DAW’s. The workflow will be somewhat different from a typical MIDI-based instrument.

You can review the (unofficial) quickstart guide here to get an idea of how things work:

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